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  • Отрасли:

    Разработка и внедрение программного обеспечения

  • Регионы:

    Москва; Германия

  • Дата обновления: 22 апреля 2010

The PSI Group develops and integrates software solutions and complete systems for utilities, manufacturers, public organizations and service providers on the basis of its 37 years of experience. PSI is one of the leading independent solution providers for controlling and monitoring complex network infrastructures for energy suppliers, telecommunication providers, and transportation companies. In the steel industry, mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry and logistics, PSI solutions assure optimal support for cross-company production processes. For public organizations and service providers PSI solutions provide secure and optimized management of business processes.

PSI employs more than 1,000 persons in ten German and six international locations in Europe and Asia. In financial year 2005 the Group achieved revenues of 116.5 million euros. The PSI AG is listed in the Prime Standard of the German stock exchange.

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Россия, Москва, Кожевнический пр., дом д. 4/5, стр. стр. 5

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    +7(495) 2358812

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