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    Добыча природного газа; Добыча сырой нефти; Производство основных химических веществ

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  • Дата обновления: 30 сентября 2012

Processing of gas - production of modular complexes BMC-GTL technology

There are vast unused resources of natural gas, shale gas, gas resources of small fields, the resources of flared gas in the worldThese resources can suspend the gas development of new fields, but тhese resources are not available because of the remoteness of the deposits of gas markets to marketing, the lack of gas pipelines and other conditions under which the supply of gas is economically inefficient. The only way to deliver such gas resources to the consumer - to process them directly in the field in liquid synthetic products, transport which more cheaper gas transportation and the cost of the global market in times more expensive.
           Today, such technology for the processing of gas - GTL technology (international designation «Gas to Liquids»), multinational companies «SHELL», «SHEVRON», «SASOL» used on large existing plants, gas processing, synthetic products, including
 synthetic diesel Euro-5 standard. The company «Shell» expects soon to increase the share of synthetic diesel motor fuel market to 15 percent. Today, however, GTL technology available to most oil and gas companies, as well as provide for the construction of large plants with high cost and long payback periods.
              Specialists of « New Technology», bringing together experts aerospace and chemical engineering in Russia, with the participation of relevant institutions, developed technology to mass-produce compact, modular, modular complexes BMC GTL, are available for virtually all oil and gas companies.
              BMC GTL can process gas directly in the fields, as well as sea and river waters by installing BMC GTL on floating platforms.
 In addition to liquid transportable products, BMC GTL can receive additional electric and thermal energy for their own needs and the mining company to ensure that the surrounding areas. "Synthetic Oil", resulting from processing, may be mixed with natural oil transported through existing oil pipelines and oil loading transport. Processing of "synthetic oil" directly on the field or a floating platform produces synthetic diesel Euro-5 standard, to provide high-quality fuel land and sea transport. Providing consumers with low-cost energy produced from local raw materials, especially important for remote areas and the development of new mineral deposits.
            In fact, it is about creating a new field of high technology chemical engineering-oriented sources of hydrocarbon gas, which has a low flow rate, duration of operation of individual wells and their distance from the consumer and low commodity prices.
 The use of BMC GTL processing of unused gas resources allow to fill the projected reduction in production of natural oil, to preserve its resources for future generations, and at the same time increase the efficiency and flexibility of the transportation of energy resources to world markets. Serial production of BMP GTL, services related to the operation and maintenance of equipment, will help create new jobs, transport infrastructure and the development of remote regions. Entering the global market, where the modular equipment using technologies are impossible, delivery BMC GTL in countries with unused gas, creates unique opportunities for the export of engineering products.

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